Buying Website Traffic

Does Buying Website Traffic Actually Work?

You have recently started a small business and I wanted to promote your website. You have come across people selling website traffic and think that it would be a great idea to get your business started. Does it actually work? Is it worth spending a few dollars on as it seems too good to be true? Are they real people visiting the site or are they just scripts? Or should I be looking at other ways to advertise my site for at a low cost or for nothing?

Well first of all lets look at there this kind of traffic comes from. It is mostly from these three areas:

1) In many third world companies people are paid to sit all day and click on links for a few seconds.

2) Many traffic sites have programs so that you click on a site x number of times to earn 1 visit yourself.

3) People place gizmos on their web sites that open set web pages for a few seconds and earn themselves points either for money, traffic or prizes.

If that is the kind of traffic you want then that is what you will be paying for and receiving.

A quick look at the above will tell you that most of the traffic will last just long enough for someone to glimpse your front page, will have absolutely no interest in your site and certainly won’t be buying from you.

Like everything in life, traffic to your site will have to be earned to be of any use to you. A few marketing ideas you should be looking at are:

  • Article writing.
  • PPC arbitrage
  • SEO Link building
  • PPC advertising.

It’s hard work getting good quality traffic of people that are looking to buy but it is the only logical and profitable way to do it.