Surfers and Visitors

Why Surfers Coming From Search Engines Still Won’t Buy From You!

You’ve given your web site a rigorous SEO.  You know you’ve done well because you’ve got some good search engine listings.  People are coming to you site – but they are still not buying.  What is happening?

Whilst this is very important to completely optimize your web site for the search engines, please don’t forget that you can get a #1 listing in the search engines and still not get a sale!  The reason for that is that when someone comes over to your web site they are looking for what they have just searched for.

1) Does your search engine listing lead to the product or service that they were looking for?  Check your web stats and find out what search engine terms are being used and then what page they are landing on. Make changes to your pages so that they find what they are looking for where they land.  If this is not feasible then put a link on these pages to the correct page and review the keywords you are using for the offending page.

2) Can people get around your web site and find out about you, your business and what you sell?  Again get someone to check this out for you by visiting your web site and following all the instructions and menus on your web site.

3) Can people easily buy your stuff?  Is it easily explained, logical and appears safe to use?  Use a good and recognized payment processor and explain all of the payment and deliver processes and what will happen next.  People are still confused when buying things so spell it out very clearly.

4) Can people contact you if there are problems?  This makes people feel much safer, able to contact you about questions they have and also allows you to sell your product or service directly to them.  Nothing like the personal touch to open a wallet!

If you get these things right – then you are getting closer to making your business profitable!  Good luck.