Great Websites

Web Sites – What Do You Need To Do And More Importantly Not Do?

You’ve finally decided to get yourself a web site, you’ve got some products ready and you are all set to go.  So here are some “rules” for a good site.

1) Decide on the subject of your web site, make a single subject and ensure that it is very clear to your visitors.

2) Have a constant theme, color scheme, fonts etc.

3) Make the site easy on the eye and don’t use moving and uncomfortable to view graphics.

4) Make it easy to navigate. – use a logical navigation system, including “home” button.  Navigation is usually found at the top or left hand side.  Links to minor pages are usually found at the bottom of the page.

5) Include such standard pages such as “about us”, “contact us”, “legal”, “terms and conditions”, “privacy”, “links”

6) Keep your pages to about 1 screen depth – people rarely like to keep scrolling down.

7) Make your graphics of good quality and quick to load.

8) If you wish to sell from the site – use a recognizable and trusted payment processor.

9) Make it easy for people to purchase from you by using a clear payment path and reassuring instructions.

9) Web logs and visitor buttons should be invisible to the viewer. Counters on the front page are for show offs and amateurs.

10) Keep advertising to a minimum and appropriate to the web site.

11) Have interesting and changing information

13) SEO your site

14) Market your site intelligently

15) Lastly have fun with your site.